O&O Defrag 24 Pro – Optimize Hard Disks And SSDs

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Operating System: Windows® 10 (64bit), Windows® 8 (64bit),
(icon) With continued use, PCs inevitable suffer from slowdowns. File fragmentation is mostly to blame, with file fragments causing poor file access times and diminishing the lifespan of your hard disks and SSDs.
(icon) O&O Defrag 24 takes care of this issue. You’ll work faster, your hardware will live longer and your overall PC work experience improve significantly.
Benefits at a glance
(icon) New SOLID method
By customer request, O&O Software has developed the defragmentation method SOLID in order to offer the user a choice adapted to his or her needs: SOLID/Complete and SOLID/Quick. Both methods sustainably extend the life of the SSD but differ in terms of the duration and protection of the hardware.
O&O DiskCleaner
The brand new in-built O&O DiskCleaner searches for and removes temporary and unnecessary files that are taking up memory and increasing fragmentation. O&O DiskCleaner also increases the security of your data, as private content (e.g. Thumbs.db, copies of documents, drafts of emails, Dumps) will no longer be kept as copies in unnecessary system files.
(icon) New function “Install & That’s All”:
After installation, no further settings need to be configured. The programselects and implements the defragmentation method best suited to the system.
New: O&O Defrag supports Windows Compact OS
Many new things have been added to the O&O Defrag engine that make using it, especially under Windows 10, even better. That‘s why version 24 now supports the Windows 10-integrated feature for compressing system files so that more space can be kept free.


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