FSNotes——modern notes manager for macOS and iOS.

FSNotes is modern notes manager for macOS and iOS. App respects open formats like GitHub Flavored Markdown, so you can easily write documents on iPhone and MacBook. It’s simple and blazing fast!


FSNotes is an open source project and is provided for free, but you can support development by buying application in App Store or Mac App Store for symbolic price.

Supports the TextBundle Format

Store images and text in one place with
TextBundle containers 🧳
Store notes secure with
Encrypted TextBundle containers (AES-256) 🔐

Edit with TouchBar

Edit faster with virtual buttons on your TouchBar

Lock notes with TouchID

Encrypt and decrypt sensitive notes with one touch

Dark Mode

Balanced, polished dark theme

Optional Git versioning and backups

Many more

  • Markdown-first. Also supports plaintext and RTF files.
  • Fast and lightweight. Works smoothly with 10k+ files.
  • Access anywhere. Sync with iCloud Drive or Dropbox.
  • Multi-folder storage.
  • Keyboard-centricnvalt-inspired controls and shortcuts.
  • Syntax highlighting within code blocks. Supports over 170 programming languages.
  • In-line image support.
  • Organize with tags.
  • Cross-note links using .[[double brackets]]
  • Elastic two-pane view. Choose a vertical or horizontal layout.
  • External editor support (changes seamless live sync with UI).
  • Pin important notes.
  • Quickly copy notes to the clipboard.
  • Dark mode.
  • Lock sensitive notes with AES-256 encryption.
  • Mermaid and MathJax support.
  • Optional Git versioning and backups.

FSNotes Manager for iOS

  • Sync via iCloud Drive.
  • 3D Touch and configurable keyboard.
  • TextBundle and EncryptedTextBundle containers.
  • Pinned notes kept in sync with the desktop app.
  • Dynamic fonts (iOS 11+).
  • Night mode by location or screen brightness.
  • Sharing extension.
  • Encrypted note support.

FSNotes App – Modern notes manager for macOS and iOS

Community ⚒

GitHub – glushchenko/fsnotes: Notes manager for macOS/iOS


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